upholstery jobs now undertaken – matchin

upholstery jobs now undertaken –
matching curtains
matching upholstery
matching cushions
matching lampshades
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Shutters fitted in Worsley

Real wood shutters fitted this week in Worsley. With the size of the lounge being on the wide size, wooden shutters are used for their lightness. 

Shutters in Urmston

Real wood shutters fitted on a bay window this week. Also available in vinyl or poly-vinyl. Wood being the lighter option offering more realistic aesthetic look from both inside and out. 

Plantation Shutter Blinds fitted recentl

Plantation Shutter Blinds fitted recently in Salford
Real Wood Shutters
High Grade Poly Vinyl Shutter for the Bathroom http://ow.ly/i/v9QQY http://ow.ly/i/v9QRU http://ow.ly/i/v9QSF http://ow.ly/i/v9QTC http://ow.ly/i/v9QUz http://ow.ly/i/v9QVB http://ow.ly/i/v9QWE http://ow.ly/i/v9QXA http://ow.ly/i/v9QYS http://ow.ly/i/v9QZL http://ow.ly/i/v9R0R http://ow.ly/i/v9R1I http://ow.ly/i/v9R2L http://ow.ly/i/v9R3T http://ow.ly/i/v9R4N